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I will tell you a story about my grandpa and me . When I was young .Eight years old.

My parents are always very busy. They go out to work. So my mother invite for services baby sister. And about few mouth, I live with my grandpa . but you know ,child always like to play out,not like at home. But my grandpa sometimeswent me tp learn penmanship with him.

At the first time,I feel very interesting. He always teach me. I remember he say:{write the penmanship will 調養身心,一比一畫中能帶給你平靜,想事情的時候拿起筆來寫書法便會思緒通達.心煩時能鎮定心神.還會和我說好多好多的道理.但是畢竟小孩還是愛玩的,鄰居小孩找要去遊玩就跟著去了.爺爺叫說來練習書法囉!後來總是拒絕.





然後 這是他當年送我的毛筆,一直很珍惜,畫圖時,寫字時,都會拿它來用.所以就算他掉毛了,我也不會丟棄. 因為…他是我的記憶.

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    I would like to tell you a story about my grandpa and me. What I was eight years old, my parents had to work out very late so that my grandpa came to take care of me in person. My grandpa always taught me to write the penmanship at home. Generally I was interested in it after his teaching me. He often told me, " writing the penmanship can not only nurse your body and mind, but also bring you peace in your brain. It can train your thoughts patiently and peacefully."

    However, as a child, I couldn't understand its true meaning at that time. I just would rather play with my neigbors than write it with my grandpa. When I grew up, I came back to live with my parents.

    After a few years, I lived with grandpa again and there were a lot of things about penmanship in his house. Some years later, my grandpa past away and I cleaned up his stuffs in his study. I found out some pictures that he drew we family and he kept it as a secret.

    As long as I go to penmanship class, I always remain my grandpa and appreciate what he taught me before.

    And it is a writing brush that he sent me before and I regard it as my treasure. Whenever I write or draw, I often use it no matter it decates now. I'll never throw it away because it is my best memory of my childhood.

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