Where's The Love

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是什麼=ˇ= ( 我連某專輯都不知道 )

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主要是要問黑眼豆豆合唱團的Where's The Love的完整動態歌詞

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    非積?  是指『菲姬』Fergie嗎?

    她的首張專輯-菲常妖姬The Dutchess的第四首歌:LONDON BRIDGE 倫敦大橋(超~好聽 HIGH歌1枚)

    黑眼豆豆合唱團-Where's The Love完整動態歌詞(拙手自作)*

    [00:01.00]黑眼豆豆合唱團 - Where\'s The Love

    [00:03.00]what\'s wrong with the world, mama?

    [00:12.40]people livin like they ain\'t got no mamas

    [00:15.00]I think the whole world\'s addicted to the drama

    [00:17.57]only attracted to the things that\'ll bring the trama

    [00:20.12]overseas ya we tryin to stop terrorism

    [00:22.82]but we still got terrorists here livin

    [00:24.98]in the U.S.A, the big C.I.A

    [00:27.82]the bloods & the crips, and the KKK

    [00:30.42]but if you only got love for your own ways

    [00:32.87]then you only leave space to discriminate

    [00:34.98]and to discriminate only generates hate

    [00:37.89]and when you hate, then you\'re bound to get irate

    [00:40.57]madness is what you demonstrate

    [00:42.67]and that\'s exactly how anger works and operates

    [00:45.62]man ya gotta have love, this\'ll set us straight

    [00:48.23]take control of your mind and meditate

    [00:50.73]let your soul gravitate, to the love ya\'ll

    [00:52.84][02:04.07][03:15.76]people killin

    [00:53.59][02:04.92][03:16.42]people dyin

    [00:54.76][02:06.00][03:17.53]children hurt and

    [00:56.25][03:19.18]u hear them cryin

    [00:56.98][03:20.21]when you practice what you preach

    [00:59.84][02:11.34][03:22.57]and could you turn the other cheek

    [01:02.23][02:13.57][03:24.98]father father father, help us

    [01:05.15][02:16.51][03:28.04][03:29.14]need some guidance from above

    [01:07.40][02:18.79][03:30.29]these people got me got me questionin

    [01:10.01][02:21.61][03:33.14]where is the love?

    [01:12.32][02:23.59][03:34.87](love) where is the love?

    [01:14.70][01:16.92][02:26.23][02:28.53][03:37.45][03:40.09](the love) where is the love?

    [01:18.67](where is the love the love our love)

    [01:22.59]it just ain\'t the same

    [01:23.84]old ways have changed

    [01:25.03]new days are strange, is world insane?

    2006-11-19 17:08:02 補充:

    [01:27.09]if love and peace is so strong

    [01:29.18]why are there pieces of love that don\'t belon

    2006-11-19 17:08:36 補充:

    [01:31.21]nations droppin bombs

    [01:32.59]chemical gasses fillin lungs of little ones

    [01:35.12]with ongoin sufferin, as the youth die young

    [01:37.78]so I can ask myself, really what is going wrong

    2006-11-19 17:10:08 補充:

    [01:42.98]with this world that we livin in, people keep on givin in

    [01:44.48]makin wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends位置不夠...

    2006-11-19 17:13:23 補充:

    做了1個下午...有漏的話請上魔鏡http://mojim.com/htmt/4/4456-2.htm%E4%B9%8B  免費製作動態歌詞 實際操作一下

    參考資料: 魔鏡http://mojim.com/htmt/100.htm
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    菲姬的某專輯 是指菲常妖姬吧!!~