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整句話是"Chained-dollar method of real GDP"


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    第一位回答者 實習生4級,我來了 所引用的原文的確是chained dollar的定義,可惜他用翻譯軟體翻得不知所云。本人謹用人腦試譯如下:Chained Dollars = 連鎖美元連鎖美元是一種用以表達美元真實價格 (real price) 的制度。所謂真實價格是指將美元購買力變動效果除去後的調整價格,這樣的價格通常反映了某一參考年度的價格。在1966年之前,真實價格是以「統一幣值」(constant prices)來表達的,這是以單一年度的貨品與服務的價格權重為基礎的制度。1996年美國商務部導入了連鎖美元制度。這個制度是以次一配對年度(pair year)貨品與服務價格的平均權重為基礎。所以被稱為「連鎖」是因為在每一配對年度的第二年的權重變成了第一年的次一對。採用連鎖美元制度的優點是,它涵蓋了更接近的任一指定年度,因此受到時間因素扭曲的效應越低。 Chained dollars -- A measure used to express real prices. Real prices are those that have been adjusted to remove the effect of changes in the purchasing power of the dollar; they usually reflect buying power relative to a reference year. Prior to 1996, real prices were expressed in constant dollars, a measure based on the weights of goods and services in a single year, usually a recent year. In 1996, the U.S. Department of Commerce introduced the chained-dollar measure. The new measure is based on the average weights of goods and services in successive pairs of years. It is "chained" because the second year in each pair, with its weights, becomes the first year of the next pair. The advantage of using the chained-dollar measure is that it is more closely related to any given period covered and is therefore subject to less distortion over time. 

    2006-11-19 10:56:29 補充:

    Chained-dollar method of real GDP = 以連鎖美元方式表達真實國內生產毛額(real Gross Domestic Product)

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