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「孫燕姿My story,Your song 經典全記錄」歷經千辛萬苦終於出爐了,並將於9/22正式推出!華納唱片以一種難以想像的精細程度進行蒐集「孫燕姿My story,Your song 經典全記錄」專輯各項素材的前製工作,工作人員以〝燕姿最完整記錄〞為主軸概念,沒日沒夜巨細靡遺地瀏覽所有的記錄資料,再以體貼歌迷且具創意的企劃方式,製作出這張最具誠意的精選集,獻給一路陪伴燕姿走過這六年來音樂之路的歌迷朋友,绝對保證讓喜歡燕姿的歌迷朋友值回票價!

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    "Yan Zi My story, the Your song classic whole recordses" experienced successively all sorts of hardship to come out finally, and will in 9/22 release formally!Warner's record carry on collecting "Yan Zi My story, the Your song classic whole recordses" album various materials by the fine degree of a kind of hard imagination of ago make a work, the staff member take"the Yan Zi is the most complete to record" as the principal axis concept, having no sunset night the big and small Mi Yi ground browse all record data, again with the plan method that shows consideration to a fan and has a creativity, manufacture this to have a sincerity most of carefully selected gather, dedicate to keep company with the Yan Zi to walk through all the way this six years fan's friend of the road of music, ?Let the fan's friend's value of liking the Yan Zi return to ticket price to assurance!


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