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(藝妓) 她們不僅懂得迎合男人的自尊心,也懂得迎合客人話題喜好並察言觀色,不用身體,只靠著才華與智慧就把客人服侍得心滿意足。為了讓客人得到滿意的服務、徹底放鬆,藝妓的工作總是非常緊張的。




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    They not only understood caters to man's self-respect, also understood

    caters to the visitor topic to like and to watch a person's every

    mood, does not use the body, only depends on the talent and the wisdom

    on takes care well satisfied the visitor. In order to let the visitor

    obtain satisfaction the service, thoroughly relaxes, geisha's work

    always extremely anxious.

    Geisha when performance does the preparation is spreads white own face

    and the latter neck, marks very heavily □. Because after the geisha

    most enchanting place lies in the neck, they on neck sur- several

    decorations chalk line pate line, it is said is may confuse the

    Japanese men flows the nosebleed, also therefore, Japanese geisha

    kimono after leads always opens specially in a big way, enables the

    nape of the neck to be allowed completely outside to reveal.

    But the face 妝 is spreads compared to the lip also exquisite rouge

    lip, indicated has the ear 無口 uncommunicative cautious line. They

    very in a big way comb one kind of volume to be classical 盤頭,

    handles this kind 盤頭 to need innumerable to send the hairpin, the

    hair oil, sends the wax and the great time. In order to maintain the

    hairstyle which this only then completes with great difficulty, the

    geisha must everywhere cautiously, sleep when also can hope hangs

    airborne in.

    The geisha always puts on the magnificent kimono, this kind of

    handwork sews the silk kimono is quite expensive, each approximately

    value 1.5 ten thousand US dollars.


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