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Who is Noah in the Bible

Who is Noah in the Bible: The Old Testament


please in English

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    Please see the reference below:Noah or Noach (Hebrew: נוֹחַ or נֹחַ, Standard Nóaḥ Tiberian Nōªḥ; Arabic: نوح, Nūḥ; "Rest") was the tenth and last of the antediluvian Patriarchs, best known for the Deluge which came in his time. His story is contained in the Hebrew Bible's book of Genesis, chapters 5-9.


    While the Deluge and Noah's Ark are the best-known element of the story of Noah, he is also mentioned as the "first husbandman" and the inventor of wine, as well as in an episode of his drunkenness and the subsequent Curse of Ham.

    Some analyses of the text of the story have suggested that its present

    form combines two originally separate sources, possibly relating to two

    separate stories, and that it contains elements of earlier Mesopotamian mythology, although both of these points are disputed and controversial.

    The story of Noah was the subject of much elaboration in the later

    Abrahamic traditions, and was immensely influential in Western culture.

    參考資料: ref: Wikipedia
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