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(1)Identity theft

(2)Sweepstakes scam

(3)Medical fraud

(4)Internet fraud



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    (1)Identity theft

    someone has stolen your account name and excess code without causing your awareness so the person may pretend to be you and do whatever the person wants to do by covered of your identity. under such circumstances, you will be the only one who take all the suffer from the sequence which caused by the person.

    (2)Sweepstakes scam

    someone might have such hobby of betting racing horses. therefore those match stick men planned to catch the attention of the person by revealing the false inside. once if the person prefer to believe such inside instead of researching the analysis by himself, those match stick men would suck out each penny the person has as possible as they can by a single scam.

    (3)Medical fraud

    there are many forms of medical fraud. only a patients can do so in united states by normally doctors or medical care emplyees know how to work on it. usually the doctor or the MCE would report to the insurance company of how their client had taken a successful surgery in the hospital or clinic. due to the insurance company must pay for the surgery for the coverage, some doctor or MCE would give the patient ordinary treatment and medicine but they lie to the insurance company that the patient is taking some better drugs. by working on complicated social institution, if the differences were not obvious or the trick was really delicated, such fraud may be hid in the whole system.

    (4)Internet fraud

    some web sites need your registration for logging-in. however the owner might order you offering some of your specific personal information. the announcement might excuse the purpose of requiring your information by saying the internet security is the actual issue. once if you had given out such information, you will have no security in your life after then.

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    another form of internet fraud is actual common scene in taiwan. people who ever joined the internet auction would have encountered some vendor who could bring up an irresistable offer so some purchaser thought that would be a good bargain and bid for it.

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    the truth is the good is not really existed but the purchaser had transfered the money into vendor's acount without having a further verification.

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    3rd. issue:.....only "a few patients" can do so.......

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    issue 3:...in united states "but" doctors and medical care emplyees......

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