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電子琴KORG trinity五萬多的是什麼等級??

電子琴KORG trinity五萬多的是什麼等級??


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     Sound Generation Method: ACCESS (Advanced Combined Control Synthesis System)  Sound Source: ACCESS =32 voices, 32 oscillators (single mode); 16 voices, 32 oscillators(double mode)  Keyboard: 61 notes Sensitive to velocity and aftertouch  Effects: Stereo digital multi-effect system - 2 master effects and 8 insert effects simultaneously. 14 effects algorithms for master effect and 100 effects algorithms for insert effect.  Program/Combination: 56 programs/256 combinations for ACCESS, 64 programs for MOSS, additional 256 programs/256 combinations for ACCESS plus 64 programs forMOSS are available when PBS-TRI optional board is installed.  Sequencer Section: 20 songs, 100 patterns, 1/192 resolutions, 80,000 notes, 16 tracks, reads and writes Standard MIDI File  Controllers: Joystick, Ribbon controller, 2 x Assignable switches  Control Inputs: Damper pedal (SUSTAIN), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL)  Control Inputs: Damper pedal (SUSTAIN), Assignable (SWITCH, PEDAL)  Outputs: DIGITAL - ADAT compatible (option), S/P DIF (option), ANALOG - 1/L/MONO, 2/R, 3, 4, Headphones  Inputs: DIGITAL - Word clock IN (option), S/P DIF (option), ANALOG - 1, 2 (option)Phones  Floppy Disk Drive: 3.5 inch 2DD/2HD  MIDI: IN, OUT, THRU  Display: TouchView Graphical User Interface, 320 x 240 dots  Power Supply: AC, Local voltage  Power Consumption: 22W  Accessories: AC cord, Preload data disks (TFD-00P and TFD-01P)  Dimensions: 42.92 (W) x 13.71 (D) x 4.96 (H)  Weight: 31.42 lbs.  Sound processed with INFINITY

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