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    To 007:有幾個動詞時態錯了...

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    敞司的客戶委託我們與貴司聯絡安排空運出貨事項,因敞司預計十二月5號左右要出貨,煩請貴司回覆安排出貨時需要敞司提供什麼文件資料,或需要在文件上簽名 嗎?請儘快以e-mail(回覆請傳至xxxxxxxx@so-net.net.tw)或fax回覆敞司,麻煩了,謝謝您。

    Our customer required us to contact your company to arrange the air shipment. As we plan to ship the goods around December 5, could you please advise if we need to provide you with any documents, or sign relevant paper? Please kindly reply by e-mail (xxxxxxxx@so-net.net.tw) or fax ASAP (as soon as possible).

    Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

    PS. 因為ASAP已經是非常~~普遍的講法, 直接用縮寫通常就看的懂了;為了禮貌起見,還是可以寫as soon as possible

    參考資料: me, 秘書
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    Opens the department the customer to entrust us to contact the arrangement aerial transport with the expensive department to produce goods the item, because opens the department to estimate about in December 5 has to produce goods, what document material requests the expensive department to reply the arrangement produces goods when needs to open the department to provide, or needs to sign in the document?Please as soon as possible (the reply please pass on by e-mail to xxxxxxxx@so-net.net.tw)Or the fax reply opens the department, has troubled, thanks you.

    參考資料: 翻譯網
  • Our client had request us(或用our company) to contact you(或用your company)regading the shipping instruction and procedures for the air shipment.   The shipment was scheduled to be shiped out around Dec.5,Please advice what kind of documents we have to provided to you for the said shipping. or do we have to sign on the papers? Please reply to xxxxxxxx@so-net.net.tw or via FAX(fax No.xxxxxx) as soon as possible.thank you very much for yorr kind attention. 

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    請問深籃 時態那裡有錯 請指教 這樣我才可以改進

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