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為什麼希臘文明是warrior society?

我們英文老師說greek civilizatioin是ㄧ個warrior society, 但是我的印象中希臘文明都是很成熟進步的啊. 希臘文明大部分不是都還蠻強調民主的嗎?(除斯巴達以外) 如果greek civilization 算是warrior society了話, 那不是幾乎所有古文明都是warrior societies了?

還有, warrior society與modern society的價值觀有哪些最明顯不同?

明天有in-class essay要寫, 大家幫幫忙!!!! 多謝!!!

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    The Warrior Role in Greek Society The cultures which most accurately meet these criteria are found among the Ancient Greek Civilizations. Greek culture was initially developed by the Minoans and Mycenaens, and reached its pinnacle with Athens and Sparta during the Classical Period. Throughout this time, culture blossomed in such areas as religion, mythology, philosophy, political structure, literature, theatre, art, music, science, mathematics, architecture, and economics. Certainly, Greek society was the equivalent, if not the epitome, of most ancient and contemporary cultures. Simultaneously, the advancement of Greek culture was consistently accompanied by warfare. The Ancient Greek city-states and their experience with military conflicts throughout their lengthy history were reflective of societal aspirations; the desire to increase and/or preserve the potential for cultural development. The Myceneans were warriors who often fought among themselves, and at other times raided their neighbors with pirate fleets. Spartan boys began training for war by the age of seven. The desire of members of the Spartan aristocracy to maintain great military strength was a priority in their society. In the sixth century B.C. Sparta overthrew Athens. The Spartans and other Greek city-states were overthrown by the Macedonians by 371 B.C. Athens also prided itself on a strong military establishment. Together with several other city-states, Athens fought a series of sporadic wars with the Persians which extended-over a period of forty-one years, 520- 479 B.C. Finally, Athens, an increasingly powerful city-state, found itself engaged in war with Sparta and a number of other lesser Greek city-states. The Peloponnesian war, which was fought from 431-404 B.C. signaled the eventual decline of the Classical Greek civilization.1

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    我猜你是英文系的,所以貼原文給你,現代文明的比較自己會寫吧。 原文太長了 只貼了一部分,以下是聯結: