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Put the following words in the correct sentences.(翻)













1.John is always telling people how well he plays the guitar. He's so______.

2.Many girls of 16 and 17 are far too ______ to get married and have children.

3.I see Clive's passed all his exams again. It must be wonderful to be so______.

4.The trouble with Jane is that she's so______ One minute she's laughing, the next she's sulking. You just don't know where you are with her.

5.One of the things I like about Pamela is that she's so______ If you have a problem you know you can go to her and that she'll listen to you and try to help all she can.

6.Mrs Green's children are so______They never say "Please" or "Thank you" and only last week I heard them swearing at the postman.

7.My son's very______He doesn't want to work in an office all his life. In fact he keeps telling me that one day he's going to be Prime Minister.

8.My uncle is very______No matter what he weather, he always wear a bright red cape when he goes out and a matching pair of boots. Everyone stares at him, but he doesn't mind. He likes being different.

9.My husband never sees my point of view. Hehas his opinions abd nothing Isay will ever change them. He's so______.

10.When I was a teenager, my father was very ______He'd never allow me to wear make-up or have a boyfriend, and if I went out with friends I always had to be home by 10 o'clock.


Write the number of each drawing next to the correct word.(翻)



*washing machine


*coffee table

*bedside table




*broom cupboard

*fluorescent light

*oil lamp

*ceiling light

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    .ambitious ----->有雄心的

    .big-headed --->傲慢的

    .intelligent ----->聰明的

    .immature ----->未成熟的

    .rude ---------->無禮的

    .obstinate ------>頑固的

    .moody -------->喜怒無常的

    .accentric ------>古怪的 ( eccentric )

    .stricy ---------->嚴格的 ( strict )

    .sympathetic --->富同情心的


    1. big-headed

    2. immature

    3. intelligent

    4. moody

    5. sympathetic

    6. rude

    7. ambitious

    8. eccentirc

    9. obstinate

    10. strict


    *store(cooker)---------->stove 爐子 ( 炊具 )

    *washing machine------->洗衣機


    *coffee table------------>咖啡桌

    *bedside table---------->床頭桌




    *broom cupboard------>掃帚間

    *fluorescent light------->日光燈

    *oil lamp--------------->油燈

    *ceiling light ----------->天花板照明

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    忘了翻譯句子...... ^_^1. 約翰總是對人說他吉他彈得有多好. 他真的很愛獻2. 許多十六七歲的女孩都不夠成熟到結婚生子3. 我眼看著克力夫通過所有的考試. 聰明一定讓人覺得很棒4. 跟珍一起的麻煩就是她很情緒化. 前一分鐘還在笑, 下分鐘就生氣了. 真讓你摸不著腦袋

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    5. 我喜歡潘蜜拉的原因之一就是她很有愛心. 假如遇到麻煩, 你可以直接去找她, 她一定會耐心聽你訴苦且還會盡她所能來幫你.6. 格林太太的小孩都沒禮貌. 他們從不說 "請" 或 "謝謝" 而且就在上個禮拜, 我還聽見他們對郵差先生説髒話.7. 我兒子非常有抱負. 他不要在辦公室上班過一輩子. 事實上他一直告訴我有一天他要成為 (台灣的) 行政院長.

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    8. 我叔叔非常古怪. 不管天氣如何, 他出門總是戴一頂鮮紅的鴉舌帽, 還配一雙紅靴子.9. 我先生從不在乎我的看法. 他堅持己見, 不為我所動. 他真是固執.10. 當我十幾歲的時候, 我父親非常嚴厲. 他從不讓我化妝或交男朋友, 而且規定我只要和朋友出去, 晚上十點以前一定要回家.

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