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1.attention和attentiveness有什麼不同 all event是什麼意思

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    ** attentive(adj):

    1. If you are attentive, you are paying close attention to what is being said or done.

    例:He wishes the government would be more attentive to detail in their response.

    2. Someone who is attentive is helpful and polite.

    例:At society parties he is attentive to his wife...

    ** attention(n):notice, thought or consideration:


    1. 基本上attention意指(注意力)而 attentiveness 是由形容詞 attentive (對...付出注意力的)而來。所以,attentiveness又等於paying attention請參考以下網址:


    Ways to increase attentiveness might be to "introduce eye catching displays" to grab the students' attention.

    2. at all events (英式用法)= in any event (美式用法)

    whatever happens 無論如何 =anyway = at all costs

    I might go home next month, but in any event, I'll be home for Christmas.

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