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這幾個月你過得好嗎?我知道你很忙所以沒辦法碰電腦,可是你不要忙壞你的身體喔!在打籃球之前要先暖身要不然是很容易受傷的,千萬不要跟我一樣,籃球是一個好運動可是不要只顧著要長高而不吃東西,這樣反而會造成反效果, 你要多喝牛奶多吃麵這樣長高會比較快些.因為由於你很忙沒時間上線和打電話給我,所以我會留言給你,當然我也會希望你偶而多留一點字.因為我每天都很期待你上線或是留言給我之類的,我想你也快回來了吧?你爸跟我乾媽說你12月13號到1月23號之間會回來,所以我會等到你回來的那一天,你跟我說你悶那裡是12月27號放假,所以你1月多回來,可是只有2個星期真的是有點少也....你也知道她不想讓我去那座小島,止肯讓我去溫哥華,她還是有跟我說到賣房子的事情,我也不知道要怎麼回答她.我也很想去可是不是我想去就可以的,我也知道你會等不及,當然我也是阿!我知道每次跟你提乾媽的事總是會讓你心情難免不高興吧!爾且還要麻煩你幫我想辦法,包括我出事的時候難過的時候..... 等等,那是因為我很在乎很關心很珍惜我跟你的一點一滴,不管是你說的每一句話你所為我做的每一件事情,所以我希望不管是現在還是以後,我悶只要有心一切都可以突破難關的,這是你跟我說的世界上沒有解決不了的問題,所以我悶一起努力吧!在說我課業也進步了很多,所以你也要多加油喔....還有我有跟乾媽說我喜歡你所以你回來多陪我幾天吧....我很想你.....



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    Do you have a good time in these months? I very busy to can not touch computer to know you, you don't keep health of you very busy oh! Want first before playing basketball the warm body is otherwise very easy injured, must not be the same as I, the basketball is but a good sport don't be absorbed in growing tall without eating, so will cause it against the result instead, you should drink more milk and eat more surfaces to grow tall and know like this a bit faster. Because because you are very busy with having no time to reach the standard grade and make a phone call to me, I will leave a message to you, certainly I will hope too you will be even and leave some more words. Because I expect very much every day that you reach the standard grade or leave a message and give me ,etc., you will come back soon too, I suppose? You father tell mother of the universe of mine you will come back from December 13 to will it be one January, so I will until that you come back that day, you bored where have a holiday December 27 to tell me you, so you come back more than January, 2 a little little too really in week only ....You know either that she does not want to let me go to that island, stop being willing to let me go to Vancouver, she still talks about the thing that sell the house with me, I do not know either how to answer her. I is it can it goes to be me very as one wishes to want very much too, I know too that you can't wait, certainly I am A too! I know that the thing of proposing the universe mother with you each time will always let your mood be unavoidable and unhappy! And not please help it try every possible means I,including whether I , while meeting accident when being the sad ..... Wait a moment, that is because I mind and care very much that treasures my every little bit with you very much very much, no matter every thing that you do for me of every sentence which you say, it hope so I no matter now or after,I the bored so long as can't heart that the everythings break the back of a tough job ,

    2006-11-25 18:05:56 補充:

    this is an open question in the world which you tell me, so I am bored and diligent together! Saying that my lessons progress a lot of too, so you should refuel more

    2006-11-25 18:06:06 補充:

    oh ....I tell the universe mother that I like you so please come back to accompany me for a few days more ....I miss you very much .....