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演講 英文翻譯 中上程度

因為本人的英文並不是很好所以寫好中文稿請程度好的人幫忙翻譯請盡量利用文法謝謝1.  感謝大家 有這個機會與你們認識  今天我所要演講的題目是我的志願2.  我的志願是做一個模範義工3.  林先生,請您說一下得獎感言好嗎?4.  鎂光燈不斷閃爍 記者簇擁著一位英俊挺拔 . 文質彬彬的男士5.  林先生 今天的得獎 請問你有什麼感想?6.  我會繼續努力的7.  沒錯 那位男士就是我 --- 三十年後的我8.  從事義工這工作不僅讓人身心愉快,更能增進人與人之間的感情9.  它是"愛"的表現也因為有了這份愛,讓社會變的更加祥和.進步,也因為這義工工作能讓國家節省更多人力.物力.資源10.  各位,相信我,你也可以辦得到11.  謝謝大家!

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    1. Express gratitude to everybody This chance and you know The topic that I will lecture is my wish today

    2. My wish is to do an exemplary voluntary labour

    3. Mr. Lin, would you please say the award-winning comment?

    4. The flash lamp glimmers constantly The reporter is clustering round a handsome and tall and straight and gentle man

    5. What impressions Mr. Lin ask you in today's winning of prize to have?

    6. I will continue making great efforts

    7. Quite right That man is me ---I 30 years later

    8. Engaged in not merely making people in a good mood , can promote the interpersonal emotion even more in this work of voluntary labour

    9. It is easy that it has this one too that it is the behavior that " love ", the ones that let the society change are more happy and more auspicious . Progress, because this voluntary labour work makes the country save more manpower too. Material resources. Resources

    10. Every, believing me, you can do too

    11. Thank you!

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