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誰來幫我翻譯一下>”< please .....thx







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    1. In the face of the impact that is globalized, our native country opera faces disappearing too, the natural puppet show is no exception. In order to keep our traditional culture, all every profession and trade have already presented one kind of lookses of the puppet show multi-formly too now. And commercialization, make puppet show appear a lot of peripheral goods too, is it bring into pure puppet show that appreciate only originally to make, there is possibility which is blured the focus .

    2.Because of the relation with developed science and technology, the puppet show is changed and performed on TV from original outdoor stage too, this appearance letting the puppet show be more extensive too is before everybody's eyes. 2003, become puppet show to make one climax the near future even more by film " holy stone legend " that puppet show make. Not only like this, the puppet show has also utilized specially good effect of the computer, has built out the visual effect shaken , on the other hand, there are many kinds of languages now in the puppet show, combine with the borderless fast development of the network, have subverted the mechanical impression on the puppet show in the whole world.

    3.In fact similar to the thing like puppet show too in other countries. As if it is dallied with that it is regarded as a puppet show that the doll is often brought, only the role is a bit more lovely . Because of the difference of each national custom culture, the puppet show appears with all kinds of roles too, this has added the diversification and interesting of the puppet show even more too.


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