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How does advertising influence people ? (廣告對人的影響 ? )用英文回答

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    Generally speaking, the main function of advertising is to inform, make known and by some means elicit responses which ultimately is to make people - consumers behave the way the advertiser has intended.

    Advertising therefore has some level of influence (depending on the category) and the level of consumers involved. On the overall, consumer behaviour is affected by a whole lot of other variables and factors f which advertising seeks to project.

    You may want to also consider the point raised by some of the critics of advertising as making people buy what they do not need. If that holds sway, then, it means that Advertising with its power of persuasion has the tendency to influence the behaviour of consumers.

    In the US, Reverend Martin Luther King Jr of blessed memory' "I have a dream" become one of the most popular phrases in the world - how; the power of advertising.

    This is a topic that cannot be overemphasised, because the truth is that the persuasive power advertising makes consumers susceptible to act in the way the advertiser intended; hence, we can safely conclude that advertising affects consumer behaviour in many ways such as:

    to change perception about product or service, to enlist support for a motion/notion, to generate sales or leads, to promote the acceptance of an idea, etc.

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    Give strong impress to people.

    Isn't it easy?

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