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Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is xxx,my interested in reading and Table tennis,i live

in xxx,there are four people in my family,father ,brothers and me,it is

pity that my monther passed away because of the sickness,since my childhood,

my parents have taught me in a democratic way.

I graduated in xxx with xxx major,

in college year ,i worked in the restaurant and gas station,that experience for me to

realize Correctly working attitude. my technical Skills is Pro-E,AutoCAD and office.

I hope these technical skills can usein actual work.

I am a Introversive,positive and responsibility person,also have strong resistance of

pressure,i deem that everything is build with diligently and Positive,and I practice

it.Hope I could get the opportunity to interview,Thank you!



我畢業於xxx主修xxx.在大學期間曾經在餐廳跟加油站打工過.這些工作的經驗使我了解到工作應有的正確態度.我會pro-E autoCAD和office的軟體.希望這些專長都能應用在實際的工作上.



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    It needed a lot of work. Here it is:


    Dear Sir/Madam:

    My name is XXX and I am interested in reading and table tennis. I live in XXX with my father and brothers. Sadly my mother passed away due to illness. From a very young age my parents have brought me up in a very democratic way.

    I graduated from XXX with a major in XXX. During my time at university I worked in a restaurant and a petrol station which taught me the importance of a good attitude towards work. Proficient in the use of Pro-E, autoCAD and office software, I will be able to apply these skills to work.

    Despite the fact that I have an introverted personality, I am a positive and responsible individual who is also incredibly resilient to stress. I am of the opinion that you should be diligent and positive and that anything worth doing is worth doing properly.

    I sincerely hope that you will consider me for interview and thank you for taking the time to read this personal statement.


    I hope this helps. Good Luck!



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