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This case was prepared by Charles W.L Hill and Maureen Kibelsted of the School of Business, University of Washington, Seattle.

We are proud to provide caring and innovative solutions. We create a positive environment in which the world can realize its dreams and aspirations. We are a family inspired by a common goal: nurturing each other with love, understanding, and forgiveness. We strengthen our relationships by sharing in each other’s challenges and success.

Our customers are the essence of our being. They are our friends and a part of our family. We openly give ourselves to always be there for them.

We openly give ourselves to provide a comfortable and supportive environment, thus benefiting and improving the universal community.

Jerry Smiles had an unshakable feeling of foreboding when he first walked into Compufix’s offices and read the mission statement prominently displayed in the lobby. To his mind, it read more like the statement of purpose for a nonprofit save-the-world organization than the mission statement for a competitive business. Perhaps this was a clue to solving the task that he had been given.

In January 1996 Jerry was brought in by the board of directors as chief executive officer (CEO) to see whether he could turn the company around. Jerry was a former management consultant who had once run a division of a Fortune 500 company. Jerry had been told by the board that Compufix’s financial situation was deteriorating, although the company’s president and principal stockholder, Harry Jones, was apparently unaware of this situation. Harry, who holds 51 percent of Compufix’s stock, stepped aside from the CEO position when Jerry arrived. Compufix had always had positive profits, and its book of business had grown consistently since the company first commenced operating in 1985 (see Table 1). In Harry’s view, given these two positive trends, how could Compufix’s financial situation be anything other than solid? True, there were some problems with overstaffing in 1995,

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    商業學校的查理斯‧W.L 小山和莫林Kibelsted,華盛頓大學,西雅圖準備了這個情況。 我們很榮幸提供關心和革新的解決辦法。我們建立世界能實現它的夢和吸氣的一種確定的環境。我們是一個共同目標鼓舞的一個家庭︰ 愛,理解,以及寬恕地培養彼此。 我們透過分享彼此的挑戰和成功加強我們的關係。我們的用戶是我們的本質。他們是我們的朋友和我們的家庭的一部分。我們公開埋頭於提供一種舒適和支援的環境,因此獲益和改進普遍的社區。當他首先走進Compufix的辦公室並且讀顯著在大堂裡展示的使命書時,傑理‧司麥爾斯有一種不可動搖的預示的感覺。在他看來,與一個具有競爭性的生意的使命書相比較,它象為一個非贏利的救世界的組織目的的陳述一樣讀很多。或許這是一條解決他已經被給的任務的線索。在1996年1月作為首席執行官(首席執行長官)董事會帶來了傑理 看看是否他能使公司轉向另一方面。傑理是曾經已經經營一家<<財富>>500大公司的部門的一個前管理顧問。Compufix的金融情勢正惡化的董事會已經告訴傑理, 雖然公司的總裁和主要股東,哈裡‧瓊斯,顯然沒意識到這種情勢。哈裡,誰舉行Compufix 股票百分之51,從首席執行長官傑理到達的位置走到一邊。Compufix總是有確定的利潤,並且自從公司在1985年首先開始經營(參閱表格1),它的生意的書已經一貫增長 . 在哈裡看來,給這兩個確定的趨勢,Compufix的金融情勢怎樣能是除了固體的任何事情? 真實,用在1995年超編有一些問題,