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Rella妞 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前



1. rear-view mirro

2. visor

3. windscreen wiper (BrE)

4. fuel gauge

5. speedometer

6. rev counter

7. dashboard

8. milometer (BrE)

9. wing mirror (BrE)

10. air vent

11. horn

12. ignition

13. glove compartment

14. steering wheel

15. door handle

16. clutch

17. brake

18. gear lever (BrE)

19. headrest

20. accelerator

21. handbrake (BrE)

22. seat belt

23. passenger seat

24. driver’s seat

1 個解答

  • Andy H
    Lv 6
    1 0 年前

    1. Make sure to check both of your rear-view mirrors before you make a turn.

    2. Check the visor to see if there is any incoming traffic.

    3. The windscreen wiper on the driver's side is broken.

    4. Check the fuel gauge to make sure we have enough gas.

    5. That reading from the speedometer can't be right, we are not that slow.

    6. By the number of the rev counter, we need to take our car to the garage soon.

    7. Don't ever leave anything valuable on the dashboard.

    8. I just checked the milometer, we are not far from there.

    9. Those wing mirrors on that truck look funny.

    10. Turn on the air vent now, it smells in here.

    11. Unles necessary, don't use the horn; it's very loud.

    12. I left my keys at the ignition.

    13. Check the glove compartment, the license should be there.

    14. When driving, keep both of your hands on the steering wheel.

    15. I think it's right by the door handle.

    16. Step on the gas slowly, and release the clutch at the same time.

    17. You need to check the brake now.

    18. The gear lever doesn' feel right, you sure it's ok to drive?

    19. Is the headrest at the proper position?

    20. Now, release the accelerator, we need to stop soon.

    21. When parking, it's a good ieda to set handbrake too.

    22. Fasten your seat belt, we are going now.

    23. Go take the passenger seat, I am driving this time.

    24. Look who's on the driver’s seat now, I am in control!

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