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" 有關no.1234 的這筆usd300的帳單,之前你們的Dick因為對金額有爭議,所以要求我們補開usd50 credit note 給你們,才同意支付這USD300,而我們也同意並隨即開帳單NO. 777 USD50 給你們 (附上當時在2/22 dick的mail給你參考) 但這筆credit usd50 你在4/20付款中已扣除,但usd300的帳款至今你還是沒有支付給我們..... 此外, 在你9/10結帳明細中,有筆帳單NO.AAA 是貴公司的CREDIT NOTE USD70 但你當成DEBIT NOTE USD70 扣了我們的帳款, 所以你應該要退還我們這差異USD140.

以上這二筆都掛帳很久了,希望你能在此次付款中一併解決,我想在年底前把這些舊帳最個了結, 麻煩你了, TKS!



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    Previously, Dick expressed concerns regarding invoice no.1234 for USD $300 and has asked us to issue a credit note in the amount of USD $50 towards your company, prior to settling the original bill. After we have reached this agreement, we issued the credit note No. 777 in the amount of USD $50 to you (attached is the email communication with Dick on 2/22 for your reference). Although, you have deducted the credit of USD $50 from the payment dated April 20; we have yet to receive the payment of USD $300. Also, in the account balancing invoice, there was a credit note No. AAA for USD $70 issued to us from your company; however, your company has mistakenly treated that item as a debit note and deducted that amount from our accounts receivable. Therefore, we would like a remittance of USD $140. The previous two items mentioned has been pending on the account for quite sometime and we would like to resolve them before the end of the year.

    Thank You for Your Kind Cooperation!

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    Relevant no.1234 of this usd 300 of bill, previous your Dick has controversy to the amount of money, so request us to repair to open the usd 50 credit note to give you, just agree to pay this USD300, and we also agree and open the bill NO immediately. 777 The USD50 gives you(enclose with at that time at the mail of the 2/22 dicks to your reference) but this credit usd 50 you have already deducted in 4/20 payments, but usd 300 of account payment up to now you still didn't pay to us..... There is a bill NO in you 9/10 settle an account the detail in addition.The AAA is the USD70 of CREDIT NOTE of your company but you be buttonned uped as the USD70 of DEBIT NOTE our account payment, so you should send back our this difference USD140.Above these twos all charged to account for a long time, hope you can solve along together in this payment, I think by end of the year these old debts most to conclude, bothering you, TKS! 

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