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現場清理發現,砲位的正後方有紅磚樓梯,與其下的兵房、彈藥庫等連接,樓梯下為土堆,將兵房分開。兵房上蓋三合土屋頂、其上再用三合土夯成突起的砲座,清理時發現損壞嚴重,今按原式修護完成。砲座與砲座下的房間為小砲用彈藥庫(寬兩個柱間),其餘為兵房(各寬三個柱間) 。現在所站的地面,原是兵房上的三合土屋頂,如今已改為覆土草坪。

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    The scene cleaning up discovery, the artillery position rear area has the red brick staircase, if under barrackss, connections and so on ammunition depot, under the staircase is a heap, will barracks separates. Barrackss the top head concrete cement roof, above uses three to gather the artillery place again which the earth rammer becomes breaks out, when the cleaning up discovered the damage is serious, now completes according to the original repair and maintenance. Under the artillery place and the artillery place room (extends between two columns) for the small artillery with the ammunition depot, other for barracks (extends between respectively three columns). Now stands the ground, is originally the concrete cement roof which barrackss, now changed fills in the lawn.

  • 1 0 年前

    Tidy up to find on the scene, the positive rear of the cannon contain red brick stairs, soldier's building, powder magazine...etc. descended with it link, the stairs descends for the hillock, separating soldier's building.On soldier's building cover the top of the native cement roof, it to use again the native cement Hang Tu rise of the cannon, find the damage severity while tidying up, press the original type repair and maintenance completion now.The cannon and the cannon under of the room uses a powder magazine(breadth two columns) for the small cannon, the rest is soldier's building.(each breadth three columns)Now the ground stood, originally the native cement roof of soldier's building, have already changed now for reply soil lawn.