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1.這意味著Emily曾經睡在Homer Barron的屍體旁邊,也間接訴說著Emily對 Homer Barron的愛是如此的深。

2.作者留下的伏筆有─買老鼠藥,老闆問Emily是要做啥,她不說,Homer Barron進房後再也沒出來,還有房子發出的惡臭。買老鼠藥可能是要給Homer Barron吃的,且for rats的另一個意思是〝給負心的人〞,她不說買老鼠藥的原因是她不能說,Homer Barron進房後再也沒出來意味著他可能被殺,最後房子發出惡臭表示房子裡有東西腐爛且時間長久,而這腐爛的東西極有可能是Homer Barron,這些伏筆讓我們有更多對結局的想像空間。



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    1.This flank of the corpse that means the Emily has ever slept in the Homer Barron, also told to say the love of Emily to the Homer Barron is such indirectly deep.

    2.The foreshadowing that the author leaves has-buy the rat medicine, the owner asks Emily and does what, she doesn't say, the Homer Barron didn't come out any further after entering the building, there is also the foul smell that the house sends out.Buying the rat medicine may give the Homer Barron eat of, and another meanings of the for rats is "give heartless person", she doesn't say reason of buying the rat medicine is she can't say, the Homer Barron didn't come out to mean him to may be killed any further after entering the building, the house sends out foul smell to indicate finally there are the putrefied thing and time in the house last long, and this putrefied thing pole is the Homer Barron probably, these foreshadowings let us have more to the imaginable space of the endings.

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    1. This meaning Emily once was resting in nearby the Homer Barron

    corpse, also indirectly related Emily to the Homer Barron love was the

    like this depth. 2. The author stays behind the foreshadowing has -

    buys the rat poison, boss asked what Emily is must make, she did not

    say, after Homer Barron enters the room again not to come out, but

    also has the odor which the house sends out. Buys the rat poison

    possibly is must give Homer Barron to eat, also the for rats another

    meaning is 〝 for 負心 the person 〞, she did not say buys the rat

    poison the reason is she cannot say, after Homer Barron enters the

    room again not to come out meaning he possibly to kill, the final

    house sends out the odor to express in the house has the thing rotten

    also the time is long-time, but this rotten thing extremely has the

    possibility is Homer Barron, these foreshadowing let us have much to

    the result imagination space.


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