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英文幫我翻譯 簡單..


聖誕節了 先祝老師聖誕節快樂唷!再來就是過年,也希望我紅包不會拿太少....還有要煩惱基測,我會努力的,雖然英文越來越難讀....但是我會盡力的!


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  • haha
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    It is time to hand over my assignment !!!

    I heard that it is the homework of domestic science .

    X'mas is coming soon!!

    First ,I wish you have a happy X'mas day.

    Second,maybe I will get my heavy red envelops this near year,however,I should care about my coming exam for going to a good high school .Though English is hard to study,I will do my best.

    參考資料: 研究生
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  • 1 0 年前

    Finally have time to turn in my homework! I heard this subject is home study.

    Christmas is almost here. First I wish you (teacher) a Merry Christmas! Also the Chinese New Year follow the holidays, I also wish I can receive more red envelope. They are more things I have to worry about, such as exams, and English. I will try to work hard on everything thing.

    參考資料: Self
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