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The first time,I went out with a lot of stranger together.Cause this time was I had a fault in the school.So I need to done five hours public service .When I arrived this group,everybody are supriced to watch me.Because my old is the most small .They invited me to join them.I was so happy .I fell this group like a big family.It was so sweet. But they become very seriously after. Because the goverment coundn't protect they regarded the old bulding.Even started a conference.

In this experience and conference,I watch their courage and struggle. So I hope they can success to convince the goverment .And I hope everybody know this group exict, give them some encourage.

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    I went out with a lot of strangers for the first time recently. I did this because I did something bad in school, and I was asked to do five hours' public service. When I arrived, each member of the group looked at me in surprise--I am the youngest! They invited me to join them, and I was very happy. I felt that this group was like a big family, and it was very sweet. But after a while the members started to get very serious. (Because the goverment coundn't protect they regarded the old bulding.Even started a conference.)???

    From this experience and the conference I attended, I saw their courage and struggle. I hope they can succeed in convincing the goverment. And I hope everybody know of this group's existance and give them some encouragement.

    參考資料: OKWAP 站前體驗中心駐點老師
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    ->Because the government did not support their effort to protect old buildings, they had a conference with the government.(因為政府不支持他們保存古建築的舉動,所以他們與政府召開會議)

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