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Welcome to Jamrock

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    DAMIAN MARLEY Welcome To Jamrock [Intro]Out in the streets, they call it murder![Verse 1]Welcome to Jamrock, camp where the thugs they camp atTwo pounds a weed inna van bagIt inna your hand bag, your knapsack, it inna your back packThe smell a give your girlfriend contactSome boy noy notice, them only come around like touristOn the beach with a few club sodasBedtime stories, and pose like dem name Chuck NorrisAnd they don't know the real hardcoreCause Sandals a now back too, the thugs they have do what them got toAnd won't think twice to shoot youDon't make them spot you, unless you carry guns a lot tooA pure tuff things come at youWhen Trenchtown man stop laugh and block-off trafficThen them wheel and pop off and them start clap itWith the pin file dung and it a beat drop itPolice come inna jeep and them cant stop itSome say them a playboy (them) a playboy rabbitFunnyman a get dropped like a bad habitSo nobody pose tuff if you don't have itRastafari stands alone![Chorus]Welcome to Jamrock, Welcome to JamrockOut in the streets, they call it murder![Verse 2]Welcome to Jamrock, poor people are dead at randomPolitical violence, can done! Pure ghost and phantom, the youththeem get blind by stardomNow the Kings Of Kings a callOld man to Pickney, so wave one hand if you with meTo see the sufferation sicken meThem suit no fit me, to win election they trick we And they don't do nuttin at allhttp://www.lyricstop.com/w/welcometojamrock-damian... (完整歌詞)

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