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    Very before long time, has a rabbit, his ear small short, until one

    day, he sees a dog, and he plays, but the rabbit not carefully annoys

    the dog vitality, two started to hit, because of rabbit Zichang's

    short, dog long high, the strength also was bigger than the rabbit,

    the rabbit did not have the stratagem which ensures success the

    opportunity, therefore, the rabbit lost on has been bullied by the

    dog, the dog first hit the rabbit the dusk, then used the string to

    tie up the rabbit, the dog dug a hole, forced in the rabbit, the

    rabbit also like this fainted the quite for several years, had the

    day, Because under the violent storm, thunders, has awakened by noise

    the stupor rabbit, the rabbit relaxed on runs from the earth, he

    completely forgot before the matter, he gets the home to illuminate

    the mirror, discovered own ear changed greatly changes steadily, the

    rabbit saw was very happy!

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