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我沒有任何的兄弟姊妹 從小到大 我就是一個有點孤僻的小孩

我爸爸對我是非常的嚴格 因為我是獨生子 小時後常常再想

為什麼別人也是獨生子或獨生女 他們的父母卻對他們很好 很寵

而我從小到現在 真的是快受不了我爸爸!

而我的堂歌堂姊們對我都很好 再全部的家人當中 就只有我爸爸



而我們原住民在寒暑假都會有活動 像毛蟹祭、豐年祭,再這一天

會有很多很多的人 不管是平地人還是原住民 都會很多人來參觀

一開始來到這邊很不習慣 跟台東差很多很多 但是我還是要適應

總不可能一直都想回台東 所以我會好好努力 

希望在這大學生活 我可以過的很快樂

拜託 幫我翻譯 很急很急 謝謝

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  • 1 0 年前

    I do not have any brothers sisters I am from infancy to maturity an a

    little eccentric child I the daddy after me am unusual am strict why

    because I am the only son hour frequently again want the others also

    to be the only son or the only daughter their parents actually very

    good very favor but me to them since childhood really quickly cannot

    bear my daddy to the present!But my hall song hall elder sister only have my daddy to I all very

    good complete family member in the middle of to me are not very good!

    Our family's relative extremely many, in the middle of a village,

    nearly all is our family's people but our original resident all can

    have the activity in the winter and summer vacation like Mao Hsiehchi,

    the good harvest year offers a sacrifice to, again this day can have

    very many very many here people no matter is the flat land person or

    the original resident can very many people visit as soon as starts to

    arrive is not familiar with very much with Taitung misses very much

    very many but me or to have to adapt always is impossible continuously

    all to want to return to Taitung therefore I can diligently hope well

    lives I in this university to be allowed to be very joyful

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