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還有如果不是均方向特質液體 那又是怎樣的圖表呢?


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    依據網站資料提供的針對均方向特質液體(Isotropic Liquid)的定義解釋及圖表說明。(文章下方最後紅字部分), 參考看看吧!What are Liquid Crystals?Liquid crystal materials generally have several common characteristics. Among these are a rod-like molecular structure, rigidness of the long axis, and strong dipoles and/or easily polarizable substituents. The distinguishing characteristic of the liquid crystalline state is the tendency of the molecules ( mesogens ) to point along a common axis, called the director . This is in contrast to molecules in the liquid phase, which have no intrinsic order. In the solid state, molecules are highly ordered and have little translational freedom. The characteristic orientational order of the liquid crystal state is between the traditional solid and liquid phases and this is the origin of the term mesogenic state, used synonymously with liquid crystal state. Note the average alignment of the molecules for each phase in the following diagram.


    where theta is the angle between the director and the long axis of each molecule. The brackets denote an average over all of the molecules in the sample. In an isotropic liquid, the average of the cosine terms is zero, and therefore the order parameter is equal to zero.

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