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為了跟別人不同 為了突顯自己 青少年總是在創造了屬於年輕人的新文化 最近在年輕人之間流行的新語言-火星文 火星文是為了方便在網路上聊天所創造出來的 例如 我們說good bye 在火星文中就是為886 或是今晚見 熱中火星文的人就會說cu29

也許在網路上這是非常方便及有趣的 但是在現實生活中這是很不正式的 而且火星文大部份都是文不達意且不容易了解的 但使用火星文的人卻不這麼想 而且也不重視這個 讓大人們無法認同這種流行於年輕人間的文化

在中文方面 年輕人比較起以前來閱讀的時間更少 這導致學生寫作能力差勁而且問題嚴重 因為學生不讀書 不會增加知識 台灣將會失去競爭力 我們應該正視這個問題

For different with everyone, for make self to stand out, the teenagers creation a new culture belong the young people all the time. Recently, young people popular a one new language-mars language. Mars language is convenient for internet talking. For example, good bye , it can be 886. Or see you tonight, to be very fond of mars language will say: c u 2 9.

Maybe in the internet, it’s very convenient and funny. But in the real world is very informal. And all the time is the words fail to express what is meant. However, use the mars language not thinking so, and not care that. Let adult double touch that popular in teenager world culture.

In the Chinese, teenager as compared with aforetime bookishness is very abridgement. It Causative student writing poorness and problem bad. Because student no reading, no to increase will make Taiwan to lose competitiveness. We should to face up to the problem.

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    To be different from others and to make themselves accentuate, the teenagers have always been creating new cultures belongs to young people. Martian words- a language have just caught on among young people recently. Martian words are created to make it more convenient to chat on the internet. In Martian words, for instance, ‘886’is just the way we say ‘goodbye’, and ‘cu29’can be found easily in Martian-word nut’s mouth which is basically means ‘see you tonight’.

    Though it would be so much fun and convenient on the internet, it is terribly informal in our real life. What’s more, most of the Martian words are not easy to catch on and sometimes don’t express the meanings exactly right. But people who use Martian words don’t think so, and don’t care about it. This makes the adults can’t relate to this culture which catches on among the young.

    On the side of Chinese, young people have even less time to read than before, this causes the students have bad writing abilities and this problem is really serious. If the students in Taiwan don’t study hard and don’t increase the knowledge, Taiwan will lose the competitiveness, and this is the problem we are supposed to face.

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