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The reorganization is not without challenges, but if Otellini succeeds it will amount to a revolution. For years, Intel has built one-size-fits-all processors, then expected customers to adopt them in various markets. But tech companies increasingly are being asked to deliver solutions that respond to the end user's demands. Corporations, for instance, are looking to prevent their systems from crashing, but employees frequent sites that contain viruses or spyware. Intel has responded by developing chips and software that quarantine these PCs and limit the damage.


Otellini's reorganization is supposed to ensure that such product tailoring becomes part of Intel's DNA. How will it work? The company's Centrino wireless notebook platform provides some clues. Intel first determined consumers wanted a powerful notebook with decent battery life that connected wirelessly to the Net. Armed with this knowledge, engineers and software writers designed a package of chips that would do that. Later, engineers and marketing people joined forces to create advertising that would persuade consumers to pay a premium for Centrino-powered notebooks. It worked: As of December, Intel had 87% of the notebook PC market, says Mercury Research.

But imposing such a management structure across the company won't be easy. For one thing, Otellini has taken the unusual step of putting two execs apiece in charge of the two biggest groups, mobility and corporate computing. Intel has used this "two-men-in-a-box" approach before, but it will be particularly tricky under the new structure. Each unit will be responsible for several market segments; for example, the mobility unit will build platforms for notebooks, handhelds, and cell phones. So divvying up each co-chief's duties will be a challenge. Getting that right is crucial or the rank and file won't know who to report to.

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    改組不沒有挑戰,但是如果 Otellini 成功,它將形同革命。 好幾年,英代爾已經建造單一大小的-適宜-所有的處理器,然後預期的消費者在各種不同的市場中收養他們。 但是科技公司逐漸地正在被要求遞送回應使用者的要求的解決方案。公司,舉例來說,計劃阻止他們的系統撞碎,但是職員時常來訪控制病毒或間諜軟體的位置。 英代爾已經以 developi 回應.縱排的方式Otellini 的改組應該確定縫製的如此產品變成英代爾的 DNA 的部份。 它將如何工作? 公司的 Centrino 無線電筆記本月台提供一些線索。英代爾首先決定 , 消費者具有無線地對網路連接的相當好的電池生活想要一本有力的筆記本。 以這一知識武裝,工程師和軟體作家設計了將會做那的一包薄片。稍後,工程師和行銷連結軍隊和 crea 的人 .但是橫過公司的令人難忘的如此管理結構將不是容易的。 對於一件事物, Otellini 已經採取放二個管理人員每人掌管二個最大的團體,行動能力和企業的電腦的不尋常步驟。 英代爾已經使用這 " 二男人的-在-一-盒子 " 者 接近在,之前但是它將在新的結構之下特別地狡猾。 每個單位將負責一些市場片段; 舉例來說,行動能力單位將為筆記本,手提和行動電話建立月台。 因此在每個共上面分配領袖的責任將是挑戰。  得到,權利是決定性的或者普通成員將不知道該報告誰。