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小啪 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

拜託 請幫我翻成英文 急問~~~

相信每個人都有屬於自己的夢想 不論夢想可能與否 都應該要努力去實現 而在那股實現夢想的潮流之中 當然 也包括了我 我從小就夢想成為一位國文老師 因為小時候對國文十分有興趣 便有了想當國文老師的想法 但是這樣的想法並沒有持續太久

在一次突發的意外中 我失去了我的親人 同時 也改變了我的夢想 當時的我 什麼都做不了 只能和家人焦急的在手術房外等待手術燈熄滅 等到醫生出來 他面色凝重的告訴我們 "很抱歉 我們已經盡力了 請你們節哀" 聽到這句話 我很不甘心 如果可以的話 我好希望自己是個醫生 能進手術房救回他的生命 而非無能為力

從那之後 我決定要捨棄當老師的夢想 要成為一位醫生 以所習的醫術 來救活無數人的生命 以彌補當時的遺憾

而且 當醫生賺的錢也很多 能讓我回報父母的養育之恩 給他們最好的生活品質 也能讓我在工作時沒有後顧之憂

目前 為了實現這個夢想 我的英文 理化必須十分用心學習 因為醫書大多是原文書 必須具有一定的英文能力才能看懂 並在平日多吸收有關醫學的嘗試 以備將來要考醫學院時能派上用場

我堅信 再未來 我一定能實現我的夢想成為一個救人無數的好醫生

以上是我的演講內容 謝謝各位的聆聽

ps:請不要使用翻譯軟體 那是錯誤的文法


每個人回答的文法都怪怪的 感覺好像都是用翻譯軟體翻的 如果是使用翻譯軟體 我也會翻啊 何苦來知識+呢 請各位不要使用翻譯軟體...

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  • 1 0 年前

    It is believed that everybody has a one's own dream No matter it is possible or not to dream of Should realize hard In the trend of that whiff of realization dream Certainly Include me too I have dreamt of becoming a Chinese teacher since childhood Very interested in Chinese as a child Want to work as Chinese teacher's' idea But such an idea has not lasted for a long time

    In accident happenning suddenly in once I have lost my relative At the same time Have changed my dream too I at that time Everything can not be done Can only wait for the operating lamp to go out with family anxiously outside the operation room Wait until a doctor comes out His complexion tells us deeply "I am sorry We have already done the best Please restrain one's relief " Hear this sentence I am very unreconciled to If it is permitted I am easy to hope that oneself is a doctor Can enter the operation room and rescue it back to his life But not powerless

    After that I decide to give up the dream of working as the teacher Become a doctor With the medical skill practised Life that bring countless people back to life comes In order to remedy the regret at that time

    And A lot of too in money that the doctor made Make me reciprocate parents' love and care Give them the best quality of the life Make me not have worry while working too

    At present In order to realize this dream My English The physics and chemistry must be studied very diligently Because medical books are mostly original text books Will not understand unless have certain English ability And absorb more tries about medical science on ordinary days In order to can use while taking part in the entrance exam of the medical college in the future

    I believe firmly Future again I can unquestionably realize that my dream becomes one and rescues person's countless good doctors

    The above is my speech content The ones that thank you for listen

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  • 1 0 年前

    Believing everyone has already belonged to an own dream to dream of in spite of possibility or not should want work hard carry out and certainly also include me me to like to be a state language teacher for the dream since the childhood in the current of[with] that realization dream because of very much interested in state language wanted to be the state language teacher's viewpoint but such viewpoint to don't keep on then in childhood too long

    In an abrupt accident I lost my relatives in the meantime also changed my dream at that time of I what all unable to do only can are anxious with family of wait for the surgical operation light putting out to wait for to the doctor to come out his complexion to dignifiedly tell us "very sorry we have already made an effort to invite you to restrain the grief" to hear this words me very unwilling outside in the surgical operation building if can of words my good hope oneself is a doctor to enter the surgical operation building to save to return to his life rather than incapable is power

    Decided to abandon to be the teacher's dream to become a doctor to save life of living numerous persons with the regret that makes up at that time the medical skill of the Xi behind me from that

    And when the doctor earns of money also a lot of loving care from childhoods that can make my repay parental give them the best quality of life and can also let I be working have no cares at home

    Currently have to work hard to learn very much for the sake of carrying out this English physics and chemistry that dreams of me because of curing a mostly original clerk of book and have to have a certain English ability and can see understand also while willing absorb the trial concerning medical science more to will take the entrance examination of medical college in the future by having in normal times can be used

    I believe firmly then I can certainly carry out my dream to like to be in the future a save a person numerous of

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