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dead death die died dying.....各用在什麼時候

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    use用法總整理:請告訴我什麼時候是"被用來""習慣(至今)""過去習慣"....所有的用法分類be used:  被用來...這兒的 字尾 sed 要讀作 /zd/:During the war, the castle was used as a prison.在戰時, 那個城堡被用來作監獄used to + V. (動詞原形):  過去慣常...(通常用於過去式), 字尾的 sed 要讀作 /st/:I used to play basketball a lot, but I never get the time now.我以前常打籃球, 但現在卻沒時間了be used to + N. (名詞)/V-ing: 習慣於...字尾的 sed 讀作 /st/:I am not used to spicy food.  (+名詞 spicy food)我不習慣吃辣的食物I am used to going to bed so late. (+ V-ing--->going)   我慣於晚睡dead死亡用法:dead death die died dying.....各用在什麼時候 dead:  死去的; 已故的  (形容詞)There was a dead cat.  有隻死貓death:  死亡  (名詞)Her mother's death was a great shock to her.她媽媽的死對她是很大的打擊die:   死亡  (動詞)My love for you will never die.我對你的愛至死不渝  died:  死亡  (動詞的過去式和過去分詞)He died two days ago.  他二天前過世dying:  1. 死亡  (動詞的現在分詞及動名詞; ) 2. 垂死的; 快死的 (形容詞)1. She's very ill and I'm afraid she's dying.   她病得很重, 恐怕快要死了2. The dying man had nothing left.   這個垂死的人沒留下甚麼東西還有一個相關字 deadly:  致命的; 致死的The disease is deadly. 這種病是致命的

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