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金剛電影的幾句中文會的幫忙翻譯 ^^


*金剛喜歡上女主角 男主角救回女主角 金剛一路追隨,便被船員活捉到市區展覽!!


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    一個導演為了要拍戲,變租了一艘船到一座島上,結果女主角被當地土人綁去作為"金剛"的祭品!A film director  rented  a boat to go to an island to shoot his picture,the  leading lady was captured by  the natives  as a sacrifice to the monster, King Kong. 金剛喜歡上女主角 男主角救回女主角 金剛一路追隨,便被船員活捉到市區展覽!Then King Kong fell in love with the girl.The leading man saved her from King Kong.Therefore,King Kong followed them all the way to the city and was captured as an exhibition. 最後金剛大鬧市區,被射殺而死... Eventually,King Kong made a big chaos of the city,and was shot to death...