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獸小醫 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


42.You’re a pal.

43.break time


45.two-week notice



48.casual stuff



51.on sale

52.try it on

53.dressing area



56.Let’s just change the subject.

57.You are nuts!



60.count on


2 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    42.You’re a pal. - -你真夠朋友

    You’re a pal to cover up my trouble for me.

    43.break time- -休息時間

    I have to take break time before I can continue to the next meeting.

    44.definitely- -肯定地

    It is definitely a good news that he finally decided to go back to school.

    45.two-week notice- -(兩週前)辭呈

    Mary has given her two-week notice to her manager after a better job is offered by another company..

    46.mall- -商店區

    We went to the mall the pick out a birthday present for our mom.

    47.jeans- -牛仔褲

    I like to wear jeans when I don’t have to go to office.

    48.casual stuff- -輕鬆的事情

    I like to do some casual stuff during my off days.

    49.dressy- -講究服裝的

    We can tell she is a dressy person just by looking on her shoes.

    50.zilch- -小人物

    Although he is right, but John is only a zilch nobody will be listening to him.

    51.on sale- -拍賣/打折

    We saved 20% on our purchase because everything is on sale in the store.

    52.try it on- -試穿

    Try it on let me see if the shirt fits you.

    53.dressing area- -穿衣區

    Mary is looking for the dressing area to put her outfit on.

    54.stick- -黏貼

    The students are sticking the notices on the wall.

    55.period- -期間

    The government tried to revive the economy during the period of depression.

    56.Let’s just change the subject. - -換個話題吧

    Lets just change the subject, I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

    57.You are nuts! - -你瘋了

    You are nuts! You want to go to the community college instead of a ivy league school?

    58.folks- -父母

    My folks paid for my tuition when I was in college.

    59.Gotcha! - -抓到你了

    Gotcha! See what do you have to say this time.

    60.count on- -依賴

    Can I count on you for this mid-term paper presentation?

    61.max- -最多(大)

    What is the max speed this car can go?

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