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Once I watched a TV program. This program is consult a expert to correct their house and solvw many trouble for live in house

people. Expert always remain many value things for resident to

recall. And use on the new house.Let they have their recollectin.

I think this group of expert are very considerate for them.Let me

fell engage ,and every times the comissoner is happy.

Every times, I watch this Progra usually give me a hope. Make me want to be like this kind of expert. And make me want to

consult these expert help me to correct my house.

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    I watched a TV program, and about a group of experts who help people to fix the house and solve problems for them.Expert always remain man-y value things for resident to recall and use on the new house. It let the-m have their recollecting, so I think this group of experts consider alot for the resident. It let me feel engaged, and every time the comissoner is happy.

    This program gives me a hope whenever I watch it. Make me want to become one of those experts, and make me want to consult with these exp-erts help me to fix my house.

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