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隨著社會的變遷,科技的迅速發展,手機的設計越來越人性化,加上電信訊號3G網路的開通,使人們之間的溝通更沒有距離。現在,我要為大家介紹1隻NOKIA N70 ,這款手機 是 2005 年全世界最小的兩百萬畫素智慧型手機,搭載雙鏡頭,可以讓你和朋友視訊溝通,也支援3G網路,讓你輕鬆上網,也可以下載你所需要的資料,也由於它是智慧型手機,你可以自行安裝你所需要的程式,任何商務、備忘都可以直接在手機上完成。這款手機支援藍芽傳輸,可以不需付費而達到傳輸的功能,資料的儲存,除了內建20MB的記憶體外,可以擴充記憶體,它是使用MMC記憶卡。內建200萬畫素照像功能,輕鬆留下屬於你的生活記錄,支援MP3鈴聲,讓你來電時不再落伍。


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    Along with the change of the society, technological quick development, the design of the cellular phone is more and more humanized, plusing the telecommunication signal 3 G network to break through, didn't even make the communication of people's be apart from.Now, I want to introduce one N70 of NOKIA for everyone, this cellular phone is the whole world least in 2005 of 2,000,000 pixel intelligent cellular phone, carry a pair of lenses, can let you communicate and friend's video, also support the 3 G network, let you get to the Internet easily, also following Carry the data that you need, also because it is an intelligent cellular phone, you can install the program that you need by oneself, any business, have to forget all can directly in hand and on board completion.This cellular phone supports blue bud to deliver, can not need to pay but reach to deliver of function, the store of the data, in addition to inside set up the memory with 20 MBs, can enlarge memory Body, it is to use MMC memory card.Inside set up 2,000,000 pixels to shine on to be like function, leave to belong to your easily life record, support the MP3 bell rings, let you telephone hour no longer behind the time.

    What stuff odd moment, make use of the 3 G network to watch TV programs, kill time.Return in addition inside set up the realplayer software, provide the film that you appreciate the images and sounds Streaming.The function of the cellular phone goes to and doesn't go much, letting you walk to where, spread to where.

  • Along with society's vicissitude, technical rapid development, handset design more and more user friendly, in addition the telegraph code 3G network clear, causes between people's communication not to be away from. Now, I must for everybody introduce 1 NOKIA N70, this section handset is in 2005 the world smallest 2,000,000 picture element wisdom handset, embarks the double lens, may let you and the friend regards the news communication, also supports the 3G network, lets you with ease access the net, also may download the material which you need, also because it is the wisdom handset, you may voluntarily install the formula which you need, any commerce, prepares forgets all to be possible to complete directly on the handset. This section handset supports the blue bud transmission, may not have to pay expenses achieved the transmission the function, the material storage, constructs 20MB except in memory in vitro, may expand the memory, it uses the MMC memory card. In constructs 2,000,000 picture elements to photograph the function, with ease stays behind belongs to your life record, supports the MP3 ting, lets you come time the electricity no longer falls behind.

    When bored leisure, uses the 3G network looker-in television, kills time. In addition also in constructs the realplayer software, provides you to watch the movie which the video and music string flows. Isn't the handset function many to good, where lets you arrive, popularly to where.



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