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幫忙造例句 (急) 贈20點

1. school anniversary校慶

2. flea market跳蚤市場

3. school fair園遊會

4. silly sports趣味活動

5.competition 比賽

6.hula hoop呼拉圈

7.sack race 布袋競賽


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    1. There are many activities for our school anniversary

    (為了校慶 有舉辦許多的活動)

    2. I got all my old clothes and I am going to sell them at the flea market.

    (把我所有舊的衣物找出來 打算在跳蚤市場把它們變賣掉)

    3. My little brother was playing the shooting game at his school fair.

    (弟弟在園遊 玩射飛鏢的遊戲)

    4. This silly sports competition if on parents and kids' team work.

    (此次的趣味比賽是 在於家庭團隊合作)

    5. There are ten people who joined the running competition.

    (總共有10個人 參加跑步比賽)

    6. Hula hoop is a good way to shape up your waist.


    7. The sack race was very exciting, because of everyone's hard work to try to win the race.

    (大家都卯足了盡 就為了贏得這場布袋競賽)

    參考資料: aLeX n EvE
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    1.It is the school anniversary next Thursday. There will be a big celebration.2. I picked up a lot of bargains at the flea market yesterday.3. I have made some cakes to sell at the school fair.4. The video of me doing silly sports is embarassing.5. We had a competiton to see who could eat the most pies.6. My sister is good with a hula hoop. She can spin in round her waist for a long time.7. My dad fell over when he was doing the sack race.

    參考資料: Me (英國人)
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    參考資料: 我低腦袋