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    The type of facial make up takes advantage of the color and lines that are overstated , stress personages' personality, express the appraisal on personages , pass judgement on good and evil, it is a part that Beijing opera made up, the type of facial make up is used in net two lines of ugly various kinds of personages acted mainly. Grow and seldom adopt at dawn , and just slightly construct the powder black . Type of facial make up dance accompanied by music heavy pieces of mask worn join the army play pairs of painting piece develop net by the Tang Dynasty. Played , north Za Ju and inherit this tradition directly in the south, but the composition is still very simple at the beginning, for example a white spot is drawn in the facial centre, two white orbits draw, two black lines ,etc. are drawn on the forehead. Up to the development of the opera, the type of facial make up is exquisite day by day, the composition is more and more various. The color of the type of facial make up is abundant , the pattern differs, it is apt to let people feel confused , mysterious . But in fact, the type of facial make up can be summed up as some basic types, by these basic types, according to personages' personality , makings ,etc., a lot of types of facial make up appear in the change again. Each type of facial make up is that the color taking personages' feature , personality ,etc. while playing as type of facial make up of the basis has one's own meaning too. Generally speaking, the color has symbolized the personality . Such as being red , show that personages' loyal and brave justice is strong ; Black colour specification personages are loyal and dedicated , honest , bold; Yellow colour specification personages are cruel and ferocious and fierce,etc.. Certainly this kind of symbol to the personality is not absolute .