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求英文高手 中翻英 演講稿 20點 ”急急急”

午安,各位評審各位同學好,我來自一年一班,我的名字叫 xxx。很高興今天能夠來這裡演講。我的演講題目是”我的夢想”








12月25日 前要交稿 但我需背稿 12月28日 比賽

拜託高手們幫幫我 (請別用翻譯機) 謝謝 拜託

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    Good afternoon, everybody evaluates every classmate is good, I come from one year and class one, I am xxx. Very glad that can come here to lecture today. My speech topic is; My dream; One's own dream that you have ever thought of my dream? Everybody has a one's own dream, imagine about your future family, the remaining half of work, life or you, perhaps you think now one will realize probably too about future dream oh! My dream is as a painter or art instructor, because I like painting, like scribbling conveniently even more, like picking up and drawing all sorts of things of the picture that I think than on the paper. I think the picture picture can let my mood become well, make me give vent to mood too, I can draw all sorts of unhappy mood on the paper, throw it into the garbage bin in the lump, after in this way, can all throw unhappy vexation brains ing. Though it is not more beautiful than others that I draw the picture, I hope I have a pair of a dab hands, can draw the superb picture, make people praise again and again. Dream of, finish oneself, the diligent person could finish one's own dream, hope I can finish one's own dream too, everybody has a great dream, remember, there is the most beautiful dream. My speech leaves it at that, thanks the listening to the talk of everybody.

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    Good afternoon everyone, I am XXX from "one class" of the first grade. I am very glad to be here to make my speech, which is about my dream.

    My dream...

    Have you guys ever think about your dreams?Everyone has his/her own dream, think about your future life, your family, your work, or maybe your wife/husband. Maybe you are imagine a dream of your future, which might really happend in your later life!

    My dream is to be a art teacher or a artist, because I love dawing! I can draw whenever I want to, and wherever I want to. I think by drawing that can make me to have a better mood, and also to express my anger. I could express all my anger on the papers, and throw them all away in the garbage bin, which is the way that I can decrease my anger.

    Even though my drawings are not really good compare to other people's works, but I wish I have a pair of useful hands, and I could make the drawings more real and better.

    We need ourselves to complete our own dreams, you can only make your dream come true by working hard on it. I hope I can eventually complete my dream, please remember that everyone has his/her own dream that make themselves to a successful person!!

    Here is the end of my speech,Thank you guys for listen to my speech!

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