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我的英文很不好,所以每次跟你講話的時候都會很緊張很緊張加上平常上班沒辦法多跟你聊到什麼希望你不要介意,自己住在台北很無聊吧?!看你下課後就直接回家了~台北有很多熱鬧好玩的地方,下次有空可以一起去走走!台灣的天氣變化很大,早晚衣服要多穿一點,不要感冒,這樣就不好了!這是我的電話 ****...有什麼我可以幫得上的都不要客氣!(這封信是請別人幫我翻譯成英文的,我英文是真的很不好對不起~)


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    Hi,i am sorry that i didn't get your name last time,can you tell me again?

    My English is poor,so i was always nervous when i talked to you.

    Hope you don't mind that i didn't talk to you often,because i have to work all day long.do you feel boring to live in Taipei alone?u always go back to your house directly after class.Taipei has a lot of amusing places to go,so maybe we can hang out together sometime.by the way,the weather is freaky now,so please remember to bring a jacket when you go out.here is phone number****don't be shy if you need any help.{my English is very bad,so someone translated the letter for me}


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    Sorry, previous has not listened to be clear you English name to be

    allowed to trouble you to say again time? My English is not very good,

    therefore each time speaks with you what can very anxiously add on

    usually goes to work the means many not to chat with you to hope you

    do not mind, own live in Taibei is very bored? ! After looked you

    finished class on directly go home the ~ Taibei to have very many

    lively amusing places, next time will have spatially may go together!

    Taiwan's weather change very big, sooner or later clothes will have to

    put on some clothes, will not want the cold, is not like this good! This is my phone****....Has any me

    to be allowed to help on all not to have to be polite(This letter is asks the others to help me to translate English, my English is really very much

    not good sorry)


    開頭用Dear就可以了(如:Dear ****)


    參考資料: 我沒有加上開頭‧結尾 你要自己附上唷!(用法我有教你)