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請幫忙翻譯文章 20點!!



松本秀人 (HIDETO MATSUMOTO) 。在小時候的 hide 是個胖子,小學一年級就有150cm,70kg的身材。

hide 對於自己肥胖的外形感到很自卑。hide 的父母強迫他去學習各種東西,書法,劍道,珠算......

 上了中學二年級,在一次偶然的機會下,hide 聽聞美國搖滾樂隊「KISS」的音樂,那時起,hide 也聽不同的搖滾音樂。開始了他的音樂歷程。第二年,hide 的 奶奶送了 hide 一支Gibson吉他。hide 還因此有了 "Gibson"這個稱號。 hide 那時還不懂彈吉他,所以感到很苦惱。

在高二時,hide 與他的朋友組成了「Saber Tiger」(劍虎)。還因為表演要穿緊身皮褲的關係,hide 強迫自己減肥。hide 瘦下來了!

 hide 在「 Saber Tiger」一方面為樂隊作詞作曲,另外也是吉他手兼隊長。在 hide 的帶領下,樂隊也漸有名氣,還到很多地方演出。也在一次live 的後台中認識了 X 的隊長 Yoshiki。

在「Saber Tiger」的解散後,hide決心回到家鄉,學習當美容師。

在這段時間, X 的團長 Yoshiki 找到了 hide,並邀請他加入



 X 的華麗、誇張的打扮成為了他們的特色,也令觀眾留下了深刻的印象。

他們的演唱會門票都被搶購一空,X 可算是非常的成功。

1996年hide 也發行了自己兩支單曲 Misery 和 Beauty &Stupid 以及第二張個人專輯 Pyence

hide 在全日本共開20多場演唱會,所有的票都一售而空

hide在1998年有很多的工作,因此也活躍於演藝圈。 hide 也對新團抱有積極的態度,

1998年4月27日,hide 回到日本。


松本秀人 享年 33 歲。

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  • 花貓
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    Hide that as a child is a fat person, have 150cm, the stature of 70kg while being first grade primary school. Hide feels to one's own fat appearance that feels oneself inferior very much. The parents of hide force him to study various kinds of things, the calligraphy, the kendo, calculation with an abacus ......

     Study in the middle school second grade, under one chance of chance, hide heard the music of the American rock band ' KISS ', got up at that time, hide listened to different rock music too. His music course at the beginning. In second year, the grandmother of hide gave hide a Gibson guitar. There is hide " Gibson" This title. Hide did not know how to play the guitar at that time, so felt very worried. In Senior Two hour, hide and his friend made up ' Saber Tiger ' (sword tiger) . Also because performing want the relation in leather trousers of close-fitting vest, hide forces oneself to reduce weight. Hide is getting thin! Hide writes words and composes music for the orchestra in ' Saber Tiger ' one, is guitarist and concurrently team leader too in addition. Under the leadership of hide, being more and more famous, orchestra still go to a lot of places to perform. Have known team leader of X Yoshiki in back Taizhong of live of once. After the dismissal of ' Saber Tiger ', hide is determined to get back to the hometown, learn to act as the beautician.

    This period of time, regimental commander of X Yoshiki finds hide, invites him to join in January of 1987, hide joins X formally. There were three members in orchestra at that time: Yoshiki (drummer) , Toshi (leading singer) , Taiji (Bass hands) . In addition, hide and another guitarist Pata have joined.

    2006-12-11 21:12:40 補充:

    X The magnificent, the exaggerative for characteristic that last they at dressing,make audience unable to last deep impression too. Their concert ticket is all sold out, X can be regarded as extraordinary success.

    2006-12-11 21:13:21 補充:

    Hide issued one's own two certificate for drawing money song Miseries and Beauty &Stupid and the second personal monograph Pyencehide too full-time one opened 20 altogether in 1996 Many of concert, all ticket sell but empty hide have many work in 1998, so active on the performing circle.

    2006-12-11 21:13:39 補充:

    Hide entertains the positive attitude to the new group too, on April 27, 1998, hide got back to Japan. May 1, his working for new group very much conscientiously.

    2006-12-11 21:13:46 補充:

    In the the morning of May 2, suddenly spread out of his news of death. This full-time media is shocked! Loose beautiful persons die at the age of 33 years old.

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