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這是有關Choice Hotels International 飯店的


The strategy of changing the corporate culture, of taking advantage of emerging technological and management trends with emphasis on marketing-driven management over operations has worked for Choice hotels. The development of brand segmentation was perhaps their best move. Choice Hotels International is now an international hotel franchisor comprising eight brands: Sleep, Comfort, Quality, Clarion, Friendship, Econo Lodge, Mainstay, and Rodeway.

More recently, under President Charles Ledsinger, Choice has reorganized, creating Market Area Management teams strategically placed so that licensees can be closer to support staff. Each field staff manager has forty-five properties and helps with sales,

training, quality assurance reviews, and operations consolidations.

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     以強調市場導向勝於經營,並利用新興的技術與管理趨勢改變企業文化,Choice飯店成功的運用了這樣的經營策略。過去發展品牌區隔也許是他們最好的對策,現今Choice Hotels International已擁有一個國際的飯店經營權,旗下包含了:Sleep、Comfort、Quality、Clarion、Friendship、Econo Lodge、Mainstay和Rodeway這八個品牌。

     最近在Charles Ledsinger總裁的管理下,Choice飯店被重新組織,策略性的新增了一個「市場區域管理」的團隊,而這些授權者將能更貼近員工並且提供所需。每個領域的管理者會有45個包括銷售、訓練、品質保證檢視、和經營強化等資源與協助。

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