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Meanwhile, Jager had begun his push for more innovation. Given his firmly held belief that Japan’s demanding consumers and consumers and tough competitors made it an important source of leading-edge ideas, it was not surprising that more innovative ideas and initiatives from Japan began finding their way through the company. For example, an electrostatically charged cleaning cloth developed by a Japanese competitor became the genesis of P&G’s global rollout of Swiffer dry mops; rising Japanese sensitivity to hygiene and sanitation spawned worldwide application in products such as Ariel Pure Clean (“beyond whiteness, it washes away germs”); and dozens of other ideas from Japan---from a waterless car-washing cloth to a disposable stain-removing pad to a washing machine-based dry-cleaning product---were all put into P&G’s product development pipeline.



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    同時,Jager已經為更多的革新開始他的推展。被給的他的堅定地舉行信任的那日本的要求消費者和消費者和堅韌的競爭者使它為一個領先的想法的重要的來源, 難怪更多的革新的想法和來自日本的行動開始透過公司找到路。例如,一electrostatically控告打掃布以一日本競爭者發展成為研發的起源' Swiffer干拖把的s 全球rollout;上升日本敏感性兌一衛生學和衛生大量生產象純乾淨的阿裡爾那樣的產品全世界應用(" 在白以外,它沖掉細菌") ; 以及來自日本的許多其他想法 ---從waterless 洗汽車的布到一一次性的搬襯墊到污點的一基於洗衣機的干洗產品 ---全部投入研發的產品開發管道。

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