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ayami 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 1 0 年前

請問莎士比亞的sonnet或John Donne

請問各位大大~莎士比亞的sonnet或John Donne的詩裡,有哪一首最容易介紹給別人呢?我所謂的介紹,是需要做presentation給不懂那首詩的人。所以非常需要那首詩的大意,以及一些無法從一般字典上找來的另外的意義,還有它的詩裡有啥任何涵義,與詩的背景(像是作者寫這首詩給誰的....為什麼要寫給他等問題),歡迎各位大大踴躍發言,3Q!!!^0^

PS. 但是不包括這幾首莎士比亞的詩:SONNET12.,這些已經了解了。

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  • 1 0 年前


    by John Donne

    AS virtuous men pass mildly away,

    And whisper to their souls to go,

    Whilst some of their sad friends do say,

    "Now his breath goes," and some say, "No."

    So let us melt, and make no noise,

    No tear-floods, nor sigh-tempests move ;

    'Twere profanation of our joys

    To tell the laity our love.

    Moving of th' earth brings harms and fears ;

    Men reckon what it did, and meant ;

    But trepidation of the spheres,

    Though greater far, is innocent.

    Dull sublunary lovers' love

    —Whose soul is sense—cannot admit

    Of absence, 'cause it doth remove

    The thing which elemented it.

    But we by a love so much refined,

    That ourselves know not what it is,

    Inter-assurd of the mind,

    Care less, eyes, lips and hands to miss.

    Our two souls therefore, which are one,

    Though I must go, endure not yet

    A breach, but an expansion,

    Like gold to aery thinness beat.

    If they be two, they are two so

    As stiff twin compasses are two ;

    Thy soul, the fix'd foot, makes no show

    To move, but doth, if th' other do.

    And though it in the centre sit,

    Yet, when the other far doth roam,

    It leans, and hearkens after it,

    And grows erect, as that comes home.

    Such wilt thou be to me, who must,

    Like th' other foot, obliquely run ;

    Thy firmness makes my circle just,

    And makes me end where I begun.

    這是 1611 年 John Donne 與當時懷有身孕的妻子告別,前往歐洲時所作。其中他用了metaphor的手法如「圓規的兩腳」此意象來表達即將離別的夫妻。夫轉動妻亦相從;妻子若堅定不移,先生的圓形才能繪得無缺。待圓規的一腳轉圈後,又歸到起點上。兩腳一收,終究合而為一。夫妻就像圓規,最下面的腳可以各自獨立,然最頂端仍是繫為一體。

    2006-12-15 01:06:26 補充:

    metaphor:a metaphor is defined as a direct comparison between two or more seemingly unrelated subjects.