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小亨利 發問時間: 商業與財經稅捐台灣 · 1 0 年前

有關會計的英文(中翻英), 勿用翻譯機, 急!

2006 年結帳事宜

由於公司12月28日起放假3天, 因此, 今年度結帳完成日訂於2007年元月3日, 提醒同事們相關事項:

1. 所有費用必須於12月27日或之前呈報

2. 配合期末存貨盤點, 所有進貨成本項目必須於12月28日之前呈報, 相關人員請供應商配合

3. 雜項購置於12月27日之前完成, 並取得收據報核

4. 銷貨待客戶完成後入帳, 於元月3日完成銷貨帳

5. 期末盤點完成後, 馬上做存貨差異及庫存狀況分析, 以便調整帳料及做呆廢料準備

6. 元月3日結帳後, 相關明細調節表及查帳所需表單應於元月6日前完成

7. 逾期後果自行負責

預先感謝同仁之協助, 並祝結帳順利

3 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    Close the Book for 2006

    Our company takes 3 days off from Dec 28, 2006, as a result, this year's book will be closed on Jan 03,2007, Below are the related items for colleagues to note:

    1.All expenses must be submitted before Dec 27.2006

    2.In order to checking end-of-inventory, all cost of purchase must be submitted before Dec 28, 2006. Related colleagues have to request suppliers to co-operate, please.

    3.Miscellaneous purchases must be completed before Dec 27, 2006 and obtains the receipts to be verified.

    4.After customer confirm by return, sale items must be entered into the account book before Jan 3, 2007.

    5.After checking end-of-inventory, just doing "Inventory Difference" and "Inventory Situation Analysis" immediately in order to prepare doing accounting and dull waste material…..etc adjustments.

    6.After closing the book on Jan 3, 2007, adjustment form and forms for auditor should be done before Jan 6 ,2007

    7.Every colleague should be responsible for the bad result., if over the dead-line.

    Thanks in advance for all colleagues help, and wish all of you close the book smoothly.

    2006-12-18 21:47:29 補充:

    你好~~ 其實我也不太瞭解"銷貨待客戶完成後入帳"這句話的意思, 我不知道是要等客戶完成什麼,或是貴公司最後要跟客戶完成什麼最後的流程, 所以我才寫成" After customer confirm by return 待顧客確認並回覆的動作" ,不知和你原本的原意會不會相差很遠呢, 希望我還能有幫的上忙的地方....並謝謝你不吝指教

    參考資料: 自己
  • poly
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    1 0 年前

    For 2006 pay up matters:

    Since there will be 3-day holidays since December 28, therefore, the pay up subscription deadline will be January 3, 2007, reminds all the colleagues for followings :

    1. All expenses must be submitted by December 27

    2. For the end-of-year stocktaking, all the cost of stocks with goods have to be submitted by December 28, the related personnel should ask for the supplier’s coordination.

    3. Miscellaneous purchases must be completed by December 27, and obtains the receipts to be verified.

    4. All the sales have to be entered into accounts after the sales completing with customers. Sales account must be completed on January 3, 2007

    5. After completion of the end-of-year inventorying on January 3, the goods in stock difference and the stock condition analysis should be taken place immediately in order to adjust account and dull waste material reservation.

    6. The correlation detailed adjustment and auditing accounts must be completed by January 6.

    7. Exceeding the time limit, each others should voluntarily be responsible for the results.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance of our colleagues, and wish the pay up completed like clockwork.

    參考資料: 自己
  • 1 0 年前

    In 2006 pay up matters concerned Because the company on December 28 gets up has a vacation 3 day, therefore, this year the pay up all day long subscribes to January 3, 2007, reminds the colleagues related item: 1. all expenses must on December 27 or before submits a report 2. coordinate 期末 stocktaking, all stocks with goods the cost project to have before December 28 submits a report, the related personnel invites the supplier coordinates 3. miscellaneous purchases before December 27 to complete, after and obtains the receipt 報核 4. to sell goods waits the customer to complete enters the account, completes sales account 5. 期末 inventorying after on January 3 to complete, makes the goods in stock difference and the stock condition analysis immediately, after in order to the adjustment account anticipates makes the dull waste material to prepare 6. on January 3 the pay up, the correlation detailed adjustment table and audits accounts must show the homographic to complete 7. before January 6 to exceed the time limit the result voluntarily to be responsible Thanks in advance assistance the colleague, and wishes the pay up to be smooth

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