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Eldrick "Tiger" Woods is an American golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Woods was the highest paid professional athlete in 2005, having earned an estimated $87 million. In 2006, at the age of 30, he won his eleventh and twelfth professional major golf championships and has more wins on the PGA Tour than any other active golfer. He is the only active golfer currently in the top 10 in either career major wins or career PGA Tour wins.

When Woods burst onto the professional golf scene in 1996, one of the things that made the biggest impact with fans was his long driving. However, when he did not upgrade his equipment in the following years, many opponents caught up to him, a trend that became all too obvious during the 2002–2003 PGA Tour seasons — Phil Mickelson would even make a joke in 2003 about Woods using "inferior equipment", which did not sit well with either Nike or Woods. During 2004, Woods finally upgraded his driver technology to a larger clubhead and graphite shaft, which coupled with his prodigious clubhead speed to make him one of the Tour's lengthier players off the tee once again.

Though he is known to be extremely focused and almost machine-like during tournaments now, many golfers have mentioned how Woods is easy to get along with and has a good sense of humor. John Daly mentioned in his autobiography that "Tiger Woods is one of my favorite golfers to play with. The kid is an absolute riot and is just hysterical. Everyone who thinks he is just robotic during tournaments needs to walk 18 holes with him to realize how funny and genuine of a guy he really is."

Woods almost always wears a shirt in the shade of various reds on the final round of every tournament in which he plays, as he believes the color red symbolizes aggression and assertiveness, that's why he always win and he's bound to create another great story in golf in the near future.

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    Eldrick "老虎" 五茲是成就迄今排列他在所有時刻的最成功的高爾夫球運動員之中的美國高爾夫球運動員。2005 年樹林是最高的有償的專業運動員, 被贏得估計$87 百萬。2006 年, 在30 歲, 他贏取了他的第十一和第十二專業主要高爾夫球冠軍和有更多勝利在PGA 遊覽中比其他活躍高爾夫球運動員。他當前是唯一的活躍高爾夫球運動員在名列前茅10 在或事業主要勝利或事業PGA 遊覽勝利。1996 年當五茲破裂了職業高爾夫球場面, 造成最大的衝擊與風扇的事的當中一個是他長駕駛。但是, 當他沒有升級他的設備在以下歲月, 許多對手擊中了他, 成為全部太明顯在2002–2003 PGA 遊覽季節&mdash 期間的趨向; 2003 年菲爾・Mickelson 甚而會做一個笑話關於五茲使用"下等設備", 沒有坐很好與或耐克或五茲。在2004 年期間, 五茲最後升級了他的司機技術到一個更大的clubhead 和石墨軸, 結合以他巨大的clubhead 速度再次做他遊覽的更長的球員的當中一個發球區域。雖然他為人所知現在極端被聚焦和幾乎machine-like 在比賽期間, 許多高爾夫球運動員提及了怎麼五茲容易得到與一起和有好幽默感。約翰・Daly 被提及在"老虎・伍茲是我喜愛的高爾夫球運動員的當中一個演奏的他的自傳裡。孩子是absolute 暴亂和公正狂亂。大家認為他是公正機器人在比賽需要期間走18 個孔與他意識到多麼滑稽和真正人他真正地是。" 樹林幾乎總穿一件襯衣在各種各樣的紅色陰涼地下在決賽圓每他演奏的比賽, 如同他相信顏色紅色象徵侵略和斷言, 所以他總贏取並且他一定創造其它了不起的故事在高爾夫球在不遠的將來。

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