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洛杉磯,加州最大的城市,也是全美第二大都會區。洛杉磯是西海岸最閃亮的國際巨星。 他們將此地命名為「天使之城」(Ciudad De Los Angeles)。洛杉磯更是摘星族的聖地。因為HOIIYWOOD就在此地

LA有最富盛名的沙灘Santa Monica beach and Venice beach

那是個多元文化的地方 有溫暖的陽光,宜人的氣候和隨風搖曳的棕欖樹,洛杉磯更有著一股特殊的夢想氣息。


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    Los Angeles, the largest city in the state of California, is also the second largest city in the whole United States. Los Angeles is defintely the most outstanding international superstar. California is nicknamed "The City of the Angels" (Ciudad De Los Angles). Los Angles is also the sacred place of stardom because Hollywood is located here.

    Los Angles has the most famous beaches such as Santa Monica Beach and Venice Beach. These places are multi-cultural, full of warm sunshine, the desirable weather and the palm trees dancing with the speed of the wind. Los Angeles especially has this special feeling of this place where you can make your dreams come true.

    A lovely friend of mine chose to study there at the same time. Therefore, I heard that Los Angeles is really a great place.

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    Los Angeles, the largest city of California, is the second big city District in the whole America too. Los Angeles is the most glittering international superstar in the west coast. They are named ' the angel's city ' (Ciudad De Los Angeles ) in this place . The Holy Land that plucks the star clan especially in Los Angeles. There is the most prestigious sandy beach Santa Monica beach and Venice beach in this place LA because of HOIIYWOOD that is then that the place of a plural culture is warm Warm sunshine, pleasant climate and brown olive tree flickering with the wind, there is a whiff of special dream breath even more in Los Angeles. At the same time a lovely friend of mine chooses to study here too, so I hear that is really a good place .