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Documentary Credits

The documentary credit is an instrument of payment operations with abroad through which a credit Bank, on request of its clients, orders a foreign Bank a pay out a certain sum o money to the user of credit (importer/exporter) on condition of receiving, within agreed time limits, documents required by the credit (from which one can see that the contracted goods of an agreed upon quality has been delivered to the buyer's address).

A documentary credit represents the most secure instrument of payment which maximally protects both the buyer and the seller.

If you are a buyer/importer, by using a documentary credit you interest are secured because the pay out of a certain amount will be carried out only when the seller (exporter) has proven with documents that the service has been effectuated/ goods dispatched in accordance with the agreed upon quantity and quality and within agreed time limits.

If you are a seller/exporter, using a documentary credit secures you a neat collection of your receivables on condition you deliver the goods or services, and present to Jadranska Banka d.d. Šibenik orderly documents in accordance with credit conditions.

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    那些跟單信用証經營支付的工具有在國外透過那銀行信貸, 按要求它客戶, 如果接受預訂一外國銀行一薪水在外一定總數o 錢在信貸(進口商/退場門商)的用戶, 限于在同意的時間內, 資料以(能看見一種商定的質量的契約貨物隨著買方位址交付哪一個)的信貸要求。


    如果你是一個購買者/ 進口商, 在使用一跟單信用証時,你興趣被使安全, 因為薪水在一定款項之外只將被進行, 那些賣方(退場門商)與資料一起證明那些服務被實行/貨物發送, 根據被同意的數量和質量和限于在同意的時間內。

    如果你是一個賣方/退場門商, 如果你交貨,使用跟單信用証把你的receivables的整潔的收集獲得給你或者服務, 並且根據信貸條件對Jadranska Banka d.d. Šibenik 提出整齊的資料。