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有關希臘神話的俚語 急需






阿阿阿   真是感謝你捏

夠多了   就算只有一句  對我來說也很多xDD

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    * Achilles’ heel: 喻弱點.要害

    * titan/titanic: a person or thing of enormous power or size; big and strong force

    * Odyssey: a long journey (wandering)

    * mentor :良師(源自『希臘神話』曼托)

    * typhoon: 颱風

    Zeus' struggle with the dragon Typhon was the most serious battle that he had before finally consolidating his rule. Typhon had one hundred heads and tongues, fire shot out of his eyes, and terrible cries bellowed from his throats. The word typhoon, meaning a severe tropical hurricane which arises in the China sea or the western Pacific ocean, comes from the Chinese ta ("great") and feng ("wind"), but the form of the word is influenced by the name Typhon.

    * volcanic/volcano/volcanism/volcanize/volcanology, etc. : 火山

    (each of these words may also be spelled with vul-): The Roman god Vulcan, identified with the Greek Hephaestus, was the supreme craftsman of the god

    * pandora's box : 潘朵拉的盒子 喻罪惡的根源

    Pandora was the first woman, given to men as punishment for Prometheus' theft of fire. Sent with her was a jar, which, when opened, released all the ills that now plague human beings. Later this jar became a box and now pandora's box refers to something that should be left unexamined, lest it breed disaster.

    * panic :

    Panic describes a state of great fear and anxiety with an attendent伴隨的 desire for flight逃, which was considered inspired by the god Pan.

    * promethean : 賦與生命的 有創造力的 勇於創新的(源自創造人類的先知--希神Prometheus)

    * lotus-eater : 喻貪安逸的人(源自『希臘神話』吃落拓棗的果實而忘卻塵世苦悶的人)

    * procrustean bed :亦作Procrustean bed.強求一致之標準; 強求一致之制度

    * Labours of Hercules : 喻折磨人的苦力工作

    * between Scylla and Charybdis 處於進退兩難之間



    參考資料: 西概的資料classical cliches