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    While eating " Mongolian roast meat ", a lot of are wondering in the heart: Where is this roast meat ? Just fry the meat obviously ! If know that Mongolians do not eat traditionally that would not feel strange with the food of the direct barbecue of fire! It is said that it would be like this in the origin of the Mongolian roast meat : Genghis Khan bringing main forces Benz battle fielding for years, have a meal life everything with the supreme principle in that year. One day , a soldier had a brainwave , put the shield made of iron to the fire, throw into the meat slices cut and roast and flavour, think taste good and dedicate to Genghis Khan. Perhaps because the fight of the long-term seldom has an opportunity to have the delicious delicacy, Genghis Khan appreciates this big form. The Mongolian roast meat method is spread too. The Mongols is the nomadic people, the vegetables are not abounded with in the locality, the meat is the main food, moreover marching and fighting formally when the roast meat in Mongolia is invented, the vegetables are more hard-earned, so the meat is the Mongolian roast meat most traditional eating the material. Because of the pluralism of modern's diet , have added more various vegetables, even there is a restaurant that adds the seafood for you to choose. The present Mongolian roast meat restaurant with the longest history is in Beijing. Use the long chopsticks to be fried quickly on the level pan made of iron. Because modern some restaurants of Taiwan are not good at using the long chopsticks , the iron shovel using the iron plate instead and burning etc. is substituted, already losing Mongolian roast meat , the real one has been spiritual. " using the long chopsticks and nearly frying the way on the iron pan " is the tradition of the Mongolian roast meat and correct methods .

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    這中文回答似乎是從我的解說中 複製的喔 呵呵 你有外國朋友想知道ㄚ

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